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Every TUESDAY and FRIDAY, it marks our newest CLOSE OUT DAY.


What does that mean?


Every Tuesday and Friday of every month at MIDNIGHT pacific time, our system looks to see all the preenrollees who have locked in their position by placing their product order to become members. Those people are then automatically moved to the TOP of the powerline that they are in ABOVE all the people who did not take action.


Our system is designed to do everything it can to help YOU succeed.

Here is the Recent "Call To Action" Recorded

Stiforp Decision Call;


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3 SIMPLE steps you should follow & TEACH your

team with ALL OUT MASSIVE ACTION for the next



The 1st EXPOSURE of your

prospect to your home based business (stiforp) is

their VERY 1st TRAINING, meaning people will do

to others what was done to THEM so lets

keep it SIMPLE !


Step #1 >

Take a FREE tour on one of my MANY Stiforp landing pages

found in the "My Website Address" section

of my Stiforp back office !!


Step #2 > I Invite you to listen to;

the Audio1 ! and LOCK your position NOW !!.




Simple, EASY and DUPLICABLE ...


You can sign up a person this morning and

teach the above 1,2,3 steps to that new team

member and by TONIGHT, she or he could

have 5 personal sign ups... S I M P L E ...


PLEASE listen to these 3 TRAINING audio files AT LEAST 3 times ASAP :


Very IMPORTANT ( What is Stiforp and Fast

Start training ) :> http://www.byoaudio.com/play/WtKZgkMs


IMPORTANT Fast Start Training Video > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sePUSSgbxpE



Brother A and brother B : > http://www.byoaudio.com/play/WLTHyq2s